LuCAS is a Medical Image Diagnostic Assistant Software that helps radiologists
to read chest CT images more efficiently.
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LuCAS uses a cutting-edge neural network algorithm to automatically detect pulmonary nodules.

The solution consists of

1) an AI engine trained to find and analyze pulmonary nodules

2) a user-friendly viewer

Leading hospitals use LuCAS as part of a national R&D project with leading PACS maker INFINITT Healthcare.

Why LuCAS?

Robust AI trained under doctor supervision with hundreds of thousands of high-quality data points.

Full PACS integration saves precious time and frees doctors from hours of needless frustration.

Intuitive, user-friendly UI makes it easy to read and annotate images.

Our superior AI technology has earned the confidence of leading Korean tech investors.

Key Features

Analysis modules

Analysis modules include Nodule Detection / Localization, Nodule characterization, Nodule quantification, Segmentation & Measurement and Longitudinal follow-up.

Smart nodule briefing

The briefing provides a nodule list with Thumbnail image, Location, Diameter, Volume, Type, Interval growth, 4X opinion and Lung-RADS® category.

Smart sorting

Smart sorting options include shortcut to nodule and auto-scroll around nodule. Users can also download the algorithm result data.

Handy access to details

Visibility options include text briefing, arrow and circle, boundary and axes. Users can easily accept or reject analysis results.

Users can also easily correct details such as lobe, type, growth and axis. 1-click zoom-to-nodule supported.

One-step annotation

Users can easily annotate images. The AI, meanwhile, automatically measures nodules.

Automatic report generation

LuCAS automatically generates reports in various formats.

Seamless workflow

LuCAS is fully integrated into PACS, offering users a seamless workflow to improve efficiency.

Mets mode

This preset mode adjusts AI sensitivity and other parameters to create an optimal mix to detect metastasis, enabling early detection.

Performance Evaluation

LuCAS is a highly accurate diagnosis solution with low false-positive rates. It even detects nodules doctors may miss. 

Lung Cancer Detection

  • Sensitivity: 93.5% 93.5% 93.5%
  • Specificity : 85.8% 85.8% 85.8%
  • Little difference in size estimation between radiologists and LuCAS. 
  • Evaluation study conducted at a tertiary hospital in Korea.


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